Having a well equipped and functional kitchen is every home maker’s dream. For this, we often spend a huge amount of money to make sure that our kitchen matches our needs and helps us cook comfortably. Be it using food grade materials to build the kitchen or the best brands of electronics to accessorize it, most homeowners spend a lot on the kitchen to get the cabinets, spacing and utility storage right.

Once you have had your dream kitchen, the next step is to maintain your kitchen efficiently. While most of us tend to use the same cleaning and wiping techniques we use for the rest of the house, kitchen cabinets need to be cleaned and maintained with utmost care. Here are our top six ways to make sure that you get the most out of your kitchen renovation and make the best of it.

Routinely cleaning kitchen cabinets

It is not rocket science that routinely cleaning kitchen cabinets will certainly prolong their life. Kitchens are susceptible to stains from cooking ingredients. If these stains remain in the cabinets, they can not only cause germ buildup but also permanent staining, which affects the overall appeal of your new cabinet. Make sure to wipe down cabinets frequently to ensure clean, stain free and sanitary cabinets.

Getting rid of tough stains and grime

While most of the fresh stains can be easily rectified using wipes, tougher stains need tougher solutions. One of the most common home remedies for stains is using baking soda and water. Use a sponge to scrub off the stain using this mixture and rinse with clean water. For getting rid of tougher grime, a mixture of vinegar and water works quite efficiently. Getting rid of stains and grime on time helps to maintain your cabinets longer

Scratches and nicks

Ask your cabinet provider for a quick touch up kit, in case of minor cracks or any kind of surface damage. There are definitely some DIY hacks and products over the counter which can help you to hide the scratches on your kitchen cabinets.

Damage from oven cleaning

If your oven is close to your  kitchen cabinets , remember to take the cabinets out of empty and keep them open before you begin the self-cleaning feature of the oven. Remember that oven cleaning utilizes much more heat than oven heating.

Light damage

Many times, cabinets close to windows lose their colour and get faded as compared to cabinets that come in shade. This is because direct sunlight can impact the colour of the cabinets and result in permanent discolouration or staining if the sun rays are concentrated at one spot. This makes the cabinets look inconsistent and spoils the overall look of the kitchen. Moreover, direct sunlight can also affect the food stored in the cabinet if it is perishable.

Damage from water and moisture

If your cabinets are water laminate coated, you still can salvage some part of them, in case of water leaks. However, if they are pure wood, you have to be over cautious as you need to protect the cabinets. If water stays on the surface of cabinets for too long they can result in swelling up of surface and doors. You may not be able to shut or use the cabinet at all in extreme circumstances. Moreover, the stench from moisture accumulating in your cabinets can really ruin your cooking mojo.

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