Choosing different materials and colours for different parts of your kitchen may seem taboo, but can be quite stylish – if done well. You may require different materials for different fixtures for practical reason, or you may simply want to expand the colour palette of your kitchen. Mixing and matching can add the wow factor you were looking for.

Colour Pallet Expansion
By combining two complementary countertop colours, you can double your options for coordinating the shades you have to work with, not only on this project but for any future updates as well. For example, you could keep the cabinets against the walls white and highlight the island by using different coloured material. Just be sure to select colours that come from the same colour pallet so that they complement and enhance each other.

Utility Requirements
You may also decide that you want a primarily  quartz countertop, but also a butcher block for a food prep area. Butcher blocks used to be loose and put away when not being used. Now, we see styles that incorporate it into the countertop and even sitting a quarter inch higher than the rest of the counter. Bakers roll dough on a cold surface because it prevents it from sticking. You could include a slab of granite or marble at the end of a laminate or wood countertop to get the same feature at home. Using two types of surfaces divides up your counter space stylishly and practically.

Design Emphasis
Chances are, your kitchen will be one of the most used rooms in your home – it should be practical and beautiful. Your dream kitchen should consist of more than just putting a bunch of cabinets in. This space should make a statement and enhance the appeal and value of your house. Mixing materials and colours will guarantee that your space looks modern and unique. It can offer versatility, visual drama, and help you get the most of your budget.

A stunning piece of hardwood or marble can be challenging to pass on when you are working with a limited budget. Using multiple materials allows you to compromise by using a small piece of expensive material. You can use it as the focal point while using a more affordable material for the rest of the room.

A Professional Touch
Stainless steel can resist heat well and is a hygienic countertop option. Although, it is also quite cold to the touch, making it not the best material for a breakfast bar. It can be paired with an equally sleek surface like limestone to keep your kitchen functional and welcoming.

Colour Blocking
Laminate is the most affordable countertop material. It has a durable coating that is wrapped around dense plywood, particleboard, or fibreboard. Laminate also comes in a variety of colours, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Contrast and Compare
Galley kitchens can feel featureless because of its narrow and long layout. You could give it character by mixing rough materials with smooth types. A chunky concrete counter would look more interesting paired with a skinny porcelain surface, creating a stunning contrast.