High-quality plywood cabinets are known for being one of the more durable, reliable and affordable cabinet style choices for homeowners. Whether you’re renovating or moving into a new home, it’s important to have cabinets that put the best, most appealing face forward. The outside of plywood cabinets should look as appealing as possible, but the inside may still have sap or streaks.

If you’re making the transition from frameless cabinet designs to hardwood plywood cabinets, you want to ensure you’re choosing the right plywood. Check out the guide below for the three best plywood types for cabinets.

Decorative Veneers

For decorative veneers on cabinets, it’s important to choose a plywood panel face along with a back grade that gives your cabinets a sleek, smooth finish. Both on the interior and exterior, there should be a smooth quality and finish. Europly Plus has an all-birch, unique, multi-ply edge that gives the cabinet a distinctive appeal that leaves the edges of the plywood exposed. This is a perfect look for cabinets that are doorless or cabinets that do have doors, but you may not want to use solid wood to cover the plywood edge that’s exposed. 

Cabinet Drawers

The drawers require a different type of plywood and construction than the cabinet box. The side of the drawers should have strong plywood that is structurally sound and durable. You may want to have maple sides for the drawers that are proven to be sturdy, which should be finished with an epoxy finish for a smooth look that is stain-resistant. Aromatic cedar panels can be a great alternative for the bottom of the cabinet drawers. This will provide a beautiful appearance and a lovely aroma.

Curved Cabinets

Many homeowners have decided to deviate from the solid, square cabinet style to most smooth, curved cabinet styles, such as island cabinets or bow-front cabinets. The right plywood to achieve this look should be strong and sturdy, while able to bear lamination. Plywood is able to be stained to a certain homeowner’s style because it contains a wood grain. Plywood is also far less prone to the effects of humidity which makes it a suitable choice for kitchens.

Why Is Plywood A Suitable Choice

Plywood appears to look like wood as it is made with wood strips. High-quality plywood is smooth, sleek and has plenty of grain. Plywood is far stronger and more durable than MDF and won’t split under certain pressure. Plywood is also far more flexible and can be curved and it won’t contract or warp. 

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