When it comes to browsing through the various kitchen countertop options available, it’s important to keep your lifestyle and needs in mind. Look for countertops that are practical as well as pretty. This is a detailed list of everything you need to know when looking for the perfect  countertop for your kitchen.


Granite has been one of the most  popular countertop  choices for decades, and with good reason. They’re durable and resistant to heat, staining and scratches with the proper sealant applied. Don’t worry, granite only needs to be sealed once a year, lengthening its lifespan. As a natural stone, every slab is unique and available in a wide variety of earthy colours. However, that also means it’s incredibly heavy and needs sturdy cabinets to support it. Granite is also difficult to repair, so be sure to avoid chipping the stone.


Engineered quartz counters are as durable as granite. Resistant to heat, scratching and staining, without the need for sealant. But also like granite, any chipping in the countertop is hard to repair. This zero maintenance option has a wide variety of colours and finishes available to suit any kitchen design.


The least expensive option of all kitchen countertops, laminate requires zero maintenance and is available in an endless amount of colours, patterns and textures. Unfortunately, laminate is neither heat nor stain resistant and will show evidence of any kitchen mishaps, including scratches and chipping.


This natural stone is one of the more expensive options on this list. As such, it needs to be sealed and cleaned constantly to prevent staining. While high maintenance and resistant to heat, marble is easy to scratch and chip. Even with a sealant applied, the stone can be etched by acidic foods and drinks like citrus juices, coffee and alcohol. Marble countertops are heavy and need to be installed on sturdy cabinets.


Concrete counters can be poured and installed into any shaped kitchen. It’s a durable material that needs to be sealed to prevent staining and heat damage. Concrete is easy to scratch and chip, which is something to consider as it’s difficult to repair seamlessly. A variety of colours and other materials can be added for the ultimate customized look.

Stainless Steel

This countertop material is getting more popular as homeowners recognize the hygienic benefits that come with stainless steel. It’s sterile and non-porous, meaning no bacteria can grow within any scratches. Yes, it does scratch, as well as dent and shows any dirt or fingerprints present. However, stainless steel is heat and stain resistant, perfect for any modern kitchen.

Butcher Block

This solid wood option needs to be sealed or it will absorb liquids and stain. Leftover moisture can also warp the wood permanently. It’s easy to scratch and requires regular maintenance. While wood countertops are affordable and soft of dishware, it can be vulnerable to heat.


A blast from the past, tile countertops are easy to repair and offer a wide variety of options. However, whatever tile you choose will impact the price immensely. Little maintenance is required here, except for consistent cleaning of the grout lines to protect against discolouration.

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